Hotel Marriot Resort and Spa

Hotel Marriot Resort and Spa

The project for this five-star Hotel Marriott Resort and Spa led to the regeneration of the hotel as a whole, including window and door replacements by Secco.

Secco Windows and Doors In Five-Star Resort and Spa

The project for the five-star Hotel Marriott Resort and Spa led to the regeneration of the hotel. Secco had provided the windows and doors for this hotel renovation, helping to portray the perfect modern aesthetic to the new and improved resort and spa.

A variety of Secco’s windows and doors including their OS2, EBE 65, AF2 and EBE 85 ranges were used in this renovation. All of these products have a two part thermal break, which is perfect for this hotel due to its hot climate location. By having this thermal break, all buildings such as the restaurants and living spaces can be kept cool without the heat from outside passing through the windows and doors. All products were also finished with either galvanised steel or corten steel.

Secco’s EBE 65 windows and doors were installed onto multiple buildings throughout the resort. These windows all have frames of 74mm helping to create a slim framed elegant steel window frame. These window frames have been created from galvanised steel and have been powder coated. The steel windows on one of the accommodation buildings has been powder coated grey and another building has been powder coated grey/black. Glazing bars have been added onto these steel windows to create an art deco look. The doors used have a thermal break profile of 65mm allowing these doors to be curved at the top, continuing the modern art deco look.

Secco’s 4F2 facades have been installed onto the pool house. Using these large glass facades on the pool house provides the maximum amount of lighting into the building as well as allowing the customers to have incredible views of the sea opposite. There is a small gap in these glass facades in the centre to create an easily accessible link between the inside and outside pool areas.

Secco’s OS2 windows have been installed into various buildings on the resort, and all of these windows have a curved top. This adds to the contemporary look of this resort. All of Secco’s OS2 windows are slim framed, increasing the natural light intake into the buildings as well as providing amazing views of the rest of the resort.

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