Jansen VISS Fire Rated Façade

Jansen VISS Fire Rated Façade

Structural glass façades have become very popular in architecture. The outstanding structural properties of steel allow architects to take advantage of this new trend. Jansen VISS Fire Rated Façades are perfect for new builds and renovations and for large or small construction projects.

The Jansen VISS Fire Rated Façades can have a glass surface of up to 2500mm x 5000mm which will enhance the transparency between the interior and exterior of a building.

The VISS Fire system can be installed with a wide range of additional components including fire-proof anchors and stainless steel clamping sections to help keep the glass in the same position in the event of a fire. These also prevent any fire and smoke passing through the façades, helping to keep the fire in the same room it started in for as long as possible before spreading.

Steel façades are available in fire rated class E30, EI30, EI60 and EI90 meaning you are able to choose the fire resistance required for your specific project.

Our steel fire rated façades are available for roof glazing, vertical glazing, fire-resistant façades and all other glass façades. Projected top-hung and parallel-opening windows are available to be incorporated into the façades. These are the perfect way of ensuring ventilation.

The top-hung and parallel-opening windows have face widths of 50 and 60mm creating very slim frames. The steel used in the Jansen VISS Fire Rated System allows slim sightlines whilst accommodating large-scale glass areas. Double and triple glazing is available to meet the demands of energy savings and the wellbeing of others.

Frame Sizes

Face Widths of 50 and 60mm

Basic Depths of up to 280mm


Integrated Top-Hung Windows

Integrated Parallel-Opening Windows

Maximum Sizes

Glass Surfaces up to 2500mm x 5000mm


Thermal Performance Uf > 0,94 W/m²K

Water Tightness RE 1200

Air Permeability Class AE

Resistance to Wind Load Designed to Load 2 kN/m²

Impact Strength Class E5 / 15


Double or Triple Glazing

Glass Specification

Glass Specification to Suit Requirements

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