Janisol 2 EI30 Fire Rated Doors

Heavy Duty Steel Framed Fire Protection

Janisol 2 EI30 Fire Rated Doors

Heavy Duty Steel Framed Fire Protection

Janisol 2 Fire Rated Doors are the slimmest, heavy duty fire door available on the market.

Made with steel fire rated framing sections, filled with a specialised ceramic compound, these steel fire rated doors can achieve framing thickness of as little as 25mm. The integrated thermal break technology within the slim steel frame allows these fire rated doors to be used externally as well as internally.

Even with these slim steel frames the Janisol 2 EI30 doors are suitable for high use in public areas such as shopping centres, hospitals and office spaces.  

The versatile fire rated door system can be made as a single fire rated door leas, a double door set or a sliding fire rated door. The innovative Janisol Sliding Fire Rated Doors can be designed as a pocket sliding door and with an emergency exit break out function if required.

Designed with architectural applications in mind this fire rated door system is fabricated with a shallow and continuous joint that creates an air of lightness and elegance to these heavy duty steel doors.

Tested to a burglar resistance of Class RC/WK3 these steel fire rated doors are suitable for a large range of internal and external applications. If privacy is required through the fire rated door elevation solid fire rated infills are possible in the place of specialist fire rated glass.

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Frame Sizes

Fixed Frame 120mm

Meeting Frame of Two Fixed Windows 70mm

Meeting Frame of a Fixed Frame and Opening Door 132.5mm

Central Meeting Frame of  a Double Opening Door 155mm

Base Frame 122.5mm


Single Door

Double Door

*Single Sliding Door  over Glass*

*Single Sliding Door  into Pocket*

*Bi Parting Sliding Doors  into Pockets*

*Bi Parting Sliding Doors over Glas*s

Fixed Structural Glass Partitions with Silicone Joints

Sliding Fire Rated Doors are available with or without an integrated break out door

All Janisol 2 Fire Rated Doors are available with side and top fixed lights

*coming in 2018

Maximum Sizes

Single Door Opening 1400mm wide x 2500mm high

Double Door Opening 2800mm wide x 2500mm high

Single Sliding Door 1400mm wide x 2500mm high

Double Sliding Door 2800mm wide x 2500mm high

Fixed Structural Glass Partitions 1500mm wide x 3500mm high per glass panel


Fire Rating: EI30 to EN 1634

Burglar Resistance WK3 to EN 1627

Classified as Smoke Doors by EN 1634-3

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