About Ottostumm

Industrial Style Steel Systems

About Ottostumm

Industrial Style Steel Systems

The distinctive aesthetic of the steel and architectural bronze systems are ideal for renovating steel windows in heritage buildings, as well and for internal and external use in contemporary buildings such as boutique commercial buildings, villas, residential properties and office buildings. The slim criss-crossing frames of this system are a main feature of prestigious properties due to the characteristics of these window and door systems.

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Ottostumm systems are available as internal systems or external systems thanks to the unique profiles and high-performance thermal break technology. These advanced systems help to contribute to a healthier indoor living environment and reduce the environmental footprint by utilising a combination of gas filled double or tripled glazing, low-emittance glass coatings, a thermally improved edge spaces. These factors all help to improve the amount of natural light within internal spaces, provide effective ventilation and minimize volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As well as these elements, the Ottostumm systems can adjust solar gain, reduce condensation and prevent air leakage, all resulting in impressive living spaces.

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The framing can be manufactured from a range of materials including the option of either hot rolled steel or cold rolled steel. Hot rolled and cold rolled steel are similar methods of forming steel framed systems however cold rolled steel goes through further processing after going through the hot rolled mill process. The cold rolled steel will go through a range of ‘cold finishing’ which entails turning, grinding a polishing to result in a premium surface finish.

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Once the metal Ottostumm profiles have been rolled, they are then binded with their unique thermal break system (for external use windows and doors). The fibreglass-reinforced polyamide insulator ensures impressive thermal insulation.


A unique factor the Ottostumm system is the extensive range of materials, finishes and PPC colours that are available to achieve the desired Art Deco style appearance.

IQ Metal fabricate all of Ottostumm’s range of products including the FerroFinestra, BronzoFinestra, Mogs and Internal Partition product ranges.

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At the IQ Glass showroom in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, there are a selection of Ottostumm systems on display showcasing a how host of configurations for internal and thermally broken external products.

The Ottostumm products are on display within the purpose-built showroom to enable you to see the systems in the flesh and enviable them within your projects. Our technical team will talk you through the system, and offer advice based of each specific project.

Ottostumm Materials

The Steel and Architectural Bronze systems are a modern take on heritage systems that have been used on traditional architecture. Due to the unparalleled strength of these materials, Ottostumm are able to create large and robust windows and doors with elegant slim frames. Combined with the range of unique finishes available, Ottostumm systems exceptional style and aesthetics. The broad range of finishes offer unique characteristics to compliment each architectural design externally and the interior design.


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