About Our Finishes

Creating bespoke finishes for our windows and doors

About Our Finishes

Creating bespoke finishes for our windows and doors

We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional level of quality and service, offering bespoke metal framed windows, doors and decorative elements for architectural projects all over the UK. 

At IQ Metal we know that quality and design need to be fully controlled. This is why we have an in house finishes workshop as part of our large metalworks factory. This in house service allows us to offer an artisan design product with greater flexibility over tone, finish and design. 

As architectural metals rapidly entrench themselves as part of the modern architectural vernacular IQ Metal keep one step ahead, offering finishes and steel materials that give a design something new and fresh. Steel itself has much greater protection from corrosion resistance, has a wider variety in choices of finishing and has extreme durability.

We take that inherent strength and natural beauty and transform the metal into an integral part of your architectural design or build. 

Many of our window and door solutions are available in multiple steel materials which are then available to be finishes in a range of ways. Our bespoke architectural metal works have an even greater level of flexibility regarding design and finishes.  

Below are some of our most popular architectural metals that we currently work with: 

Galvanised Steel - available PPC any RAL Colour

Stainless Steel - available PPC, satin brushed, mirror polished, polished with tinted lacquer and more... 

Corten Steel

Patinated Bronze - available brushed, polished or patinated in a range of BMA tones.

Chemically Blackened Steel

Mild Steel - available PPC, chemically blackened or finished with a tinted lacquer (suitable for internal use)

Many years have been invested in our architectural metalworks products to develop and improve our finishing options that set themselves apart. Every exertion has gone in to enhance the architectural design and create a unique, beautiful finish of the steel.

For each project, we offer a rich design as we understand the finish of our steel is a critical feature.
Our range of artisan finishes is the backbone of IQ Metal - offering an exceptional metal framing solutions, giving you peace of mind for your window and door selection. Our hardworking and trained workforce will ensure you receive the highest, consistent level of support and quality as you would expect from a progressive specialised organisation.



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IQ Metal are at the forefront of bespoke metal work and steel window fabrication. Our state of the art factory and desire to create beautiful products allow us to work on some of the most prestigious architectural projects in the country. We pride ourselves on customer service so please contact us immediately if you have any queries or questions about any of our luxury steel windows and doors.