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21st February 2018

IQ Metal provide the finishing touches to steel windows and doors in order to meet each individual project requirement. Our bespoke framing and architectural metal designs are manufactured in-house ensuring precise specifications for an outstanding appearance. All bespoke finishes are designed and applied here at our factory.

Architectural metalworks are widely used in modern architectural designs and continue to be popular today. Architects and designers are always pushing for more bespoke designs which is why we have a range of beautiful finishes available; transforming a dull, tedious, looking metal into a rich, elegant design giving the design a new lease of life.

Our finishing solutions are designed for direct use on metal altering the appearance and look, something that cannot be achieved with the use of powder coating or paint. IQ Metal offers a range of available finishes - Patinated bronze, Galvanised Steel, Corten Steel, Stainless Steel and Chemically Blackened Steel. The choice is yours!

Patinated Bronze

Patinated Bronze

Without having to wait for nature to do its job, Patinated Bronze offers an accelerated antiquing process to architectural bronze. This finish helps to develop the aesthetic and natural look of the bronze to a brown, aged look. This style of metal finishing has been used for centuries and is continuing to be used as a luxury, elegant finish to windows and doors in modern projects. The metal will also offer high levels of corrosion resistance and durability. Patination can be done in any of the BMA tones with Light, Medium and Dark the most popular.

Polished or Brushed Bronze

For an alternative finish to your architectural bronze, you can select a polished or a brushed finish. A polished bronze is really striking and offers a highly reflective gold appearance to a door frame or bespoke piece of metalwork. 
A brushed bronze appearance is slightly more tactile and textured, offering an apparelled appearance of luxury and elegance to metalworks.  

Galvanised Steel

Galvanised Steel

Galvanising Steel is a process of applying a coating to steel to prevent any rust or oxidation from occurring. This is carefully carried out in our controlled in-house finishing workshop. After galvanising this architectural metal is then able to be powder coated to any RAL colour you need in order to create the design and finish required. 

Polyester Powder Coating

Powder coating is electrostatically applied ensuring a complete coverage of the steel metal, eradicating any imperfections. This is protected from the substrate, exposure of the eroding environment while providing a quality, smooth, and uniform finish. The steelwork can be finished in a large range of colours and designs providing versatile and exceptional gloss colour retention.

Corten Steel™

Corten Steel

Corten Steel™ offers a beautiful, earthy appearance to window frames and doors. Corten Steel™ is another name for weathering steel which prevents any corrosion or oxidation occurring. Steel Alloys have a tendency to rust due to the moisture in the air. Weathering Steel is protected thanks to the pre-oxidised layer that coats the metal. This provides an attractive metal finish with minimal maintenance required. This steel finish is widely used on architectural buildings as all the material characteristics are unique and the aesthetic will adapt to the change in moisture, sun and shade.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is a combination of iron, nickel carbon and molybdenum. The benefits of using stainless steel are its great resistance to corrosion and its low level of electrical conductivity. Stainless steel is widely used for its aesthetic as well as its practicality. The durability of the steel allows the building to retain its original appearance offering a bespoke, rich design with a silver finish allowing the light to reflect straight back from the building. Stainless Steel is able to be brushed or polished, both of which offer very different architectural finish. Stainless steel designs are perfect for unique, high-end architectural buildings as you can finish the stainless steel in either a satin or polished finish.

Chemical Blackened Steel

 Chemically Blackened Steel

Chemically blackened steel offers a quality result that captivates onlookers. The process involves treating mild steel to highlight the natural nuances in pattern and colour by using the blackened finish. The finish is ductile and tough but has poor resistance to corrosion (due to it being soaked in wax and oil). The finish also reflects less light which makes it perfect for internal partitions and door frames. 


If you would like to know more about our bespoke luxury finishes then please contact us directly on 01494 722 880 or email us at hello@iqmetaluk.com

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