Repair or Replace?

19th September 2016

Which is the Most Effective Solution for Steel Windows?

It can be a hard decision as to whether you should repair or replace your steel windows. In terms of cost effectiveness, it can be much more efficient to replace damaged or outdated windows than it is to repair them. Repairing windows may be cheaper at the outset but this can be a false economy as you will likely have to repair these windows often.

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Many problems with older steel windows include draughts, corroded metal frames, structural movement and sticking or stiff windows. If you are encountering any of these problems then it will be much easier to replace your windows then to get them repaired. One main issue with only repairing your windows is that you will need to make sure that the repairs you do will meet the modern performance standards.

There are many positives of replacing your windows with IQ Metal’s Secco window systems or Jansen window systems . Replacing your existing windows with these ranges means you are able to incorporate a traditional or art deco design into your home and you can provide great amounts of thermal insulation helping to meet the modern performance standards.

All steel windows provided by IQ Metal include impressive thermal break technology. Secco windows can achieve extremely efficient levels of thermal performance when the thermally broken frames are coupled with insulated glass units. Secco are one of few systems in Europe that can provide a fully thermally broken steel window system.

If the windows you are considering repairing or replacing are of historical or architectural value then IQ Metal’s ranges are perfect as replacements. Secco’s windows have been incorporated into projects where historical and architectural value are important, an example is the Republican Docks . Although this project is a commercial project, Secco and Jansen can provide any windows or doors you require for residential projects.

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