New In-House Finishing Workshop

12th February 2018

IQ Metal offer many types of finishing application to metal. Some are used to extend the life of the metal, while others can be used for the purpose of decoration. Metal does not necessarily have the durability, strength and resistance to external factors when used in engineering. A finishing on the metal is applied to give the metal a better performance allowing architects to specify the metal without any difficulties.

IQ Metal has an extended range of products and capabilities in the market which is made in England and will continue to strive to be the premier manufacturer offering a greater choice of products and designs. 

We understand that quality and design is very important to architects which is why we now have an in-house finishes workshop offering architects flexibility over the design, quality and finishing of metals carefully processing and delivering outstanding results.


IQ Metal’s bespoke Finishes:

Here is a brief table of what IQ Metal has to offer and the different bespoke finishes that are available. We offer metal finishing on jobs of all levels.

IQ Metal Bespoke Metal Finishes


Secco 0S2 is one of many bespoke products we offer which can be thermally broken down. It’s not fire rated which is similar to all the remaining Secco designs which include the EBE 65 and EBE 85. We offer many types of finish including Galvanised Steel PPC, Corten TM Steel, Stain Polished and Mirror Polished. Whilst the Janisol 2 EI30 only comes in three types, it too is able to be thermally broken. Very similar to this is the Janisol C4. Other Jansen types are Economy 50/60 and the VISS FR Facade; these are both fire-rated, however, the VISS FR Facade has an additional feature which is able to be thermally broken. Whilst this type encompasses both features, it only comes in one type which is Galvanised Steel PPC. The Bespoke Metal works come in all types, ranging from the Galvanised Steel PPC to the Tinted Lacquer, though it’s important to note these cannot be thermally broken or fire rated.


Why is an in-house finishing workshop better?


Specifiers can come to the workshop and see the production for themselves. The process from start to finish is managed, without having to go through another supplier, providing full flexibility when necessary.

Logistics and production costs

Lower cost of production means less expense! As the amount of storage and shipping costs for manufacturing from a supplier can dramatically rise. Distribution from a supplier to the warehouse adds another expense. An In-house workshop reduces logistical costs, offers full control of production and operations and quicker delivery of the product to the customer. A low production cost means a low expense which means we're all happy!

Management’s considerations

You can’t keep an eye on the supplier when you outsource which means increased management expenses. In-house production offers more control of the process whilst decreasing staff expenses.

Quality Control

If we're producing your goods our in-house workshop offers full quality control. Before shipping them to the project this allows us to perform quality checks on finished products to ensure the product is at best quality and ready for fitting.  This means we get the job done efficiently. There are no delays in shipping time, and problems (if any!) can be addressed immediately.

At IQ Metal offer an uncompromising level of precision, intricacy and fine attention to detail as part of our large metalwork factory. Our fine, spacious workshop is ideally located for production and finishing manufactured items.

If you have any queries or questions about any of our luxury, bespoke finishes then please contact us immediately on 01494 722 880 or email

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