Japanese Minimalism with Architectural Metals

3rd January 2017

Architectural metals do not only have to be used as framing on windows and doors. These metals can be used for a number of things including slim metal structures that can be created to use as decoration within the home or commercial property.

These structures can be changed depending on the look you are after. If you prefer the minimal look then slim metal structures can be made and put into any shape due to their versatility.

This latest design technique seems to be increasing in popularity throughout Japan. An example of decorative metal is in a Japanese café where external and internal spaces have been created only by installing metal frames. Installing these frames still allows for maximum light and space throughout the original space. These spaces were then made into seated corners and table and chair areas which provide a feeling of privacy in the open space. Metal frames were also used to create birdcages on the ceiling, making the customers feel as though they are outdoors.

Another example of using architectural metal to decorate is shown in a home in Tokyo, Japan. This incredibly contemporary home becomes even more modern with the shapes used indoors using decorative metal. This metal was used above the wooden staircase, acting like a barrier. Glass has been integrated into the frame to allow natural light to pass through and flow down the stairs but still providing a safety barrier for the family.

Japanese Minimalism

Photos Courtesy of www.archilovers.com

The possibilities are endless on how you can decorate your home or other spaces with architectural metal. Minimalism is very popular at the moment and using metal to decorate the home is the perfect way to create a minimalistic aesthetic. However, if using architectural metal in strange ways to decorate the home isn’t really your thing then IQ Metal can provide a range of windows and doors with slim metal framing to provide the same minimal aesthetic to create either a traditional or art deco interior design.


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