Belgium Doors – What Are They?

16th March 2017

How Can You Integrate Belgium Doors Into Your Home Designs?

Steel windows and steel doors are a very popular choice for both residential and commercial properties due to their durability and slim framing combined with a rugged performance.

A more current popular choice is to use steel doors as screens and partitions within the home, usually as a pair of double doors with integrated lights. This style of double doors is known as Belgium Doors. Although Belgium Doors can be integrated into the interior design of your home, they are commonly used as a set of patio doors which offer ideal weather protection as well as allowing the maximum amount of natural light into the building.

Belgium Doors are making a great comeback and are very popular for new build and refurbishment projects where they are used both internally and externally. These slim framed steel doors are usually made up of a pair of side hung opening doors together with sidelights forming a larger run. Horizontal bars are often integrated into these doors, creating the ideal Art Deco design.

Modern systems and enhanced glazing options combined with steel sections create contemporary installations that can significantly outperform timber or aluminium bifolding or sliding glass doors. The choice of steel options available for Belgium doors offers far better security and enhanced light transmission.

Belgium doors are perfect for creating an Art Deco aesthetic within your home or to replace your already existing patio doors. Contact IQ Metal for more information on Belgium doors and how we can integrate them into your designs. Call us on 01494 722880 or email

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