Stainless Steel

Creating Bespoke Stainless Steel Windows and Doors

Stainless Steel

Creating Bespoke Stainless Steel Windows and Doors

The advent of stainless steel began at the beginning of the 20th century and the material is characterised by its inalterability and high levels of durability making it perfect for high end architectural design projects.

Stainless Steel is a steel alloy most commonly created from Iron, Chrome, Nickel and Molybdenum. The makeup of the stainless steel alloy helps protect the surface from corrosion.

Secco windows and doors are manufactured from one of two Stainless Steel alloys. Stainless Steel Windows made from alloy AISI 304 are suitable for non-aggressive environments and can be finished with a satin or polished finish. Stainless Steel Doors from from alloy AISI 316L can be used in marine environments and can be finished as scotch-brite or polished.

The unique appearance of stainless steel as a window framing material helps create luxury and bespoke architectural designs maintaining high levels of finish and design throughout.

Stainless Steel is also known for its reduced level of thermal conductivity (about 10 times lower than aluminium). This natural material attribute coupled with the two-part thermal break technology from Secco, creates stainless steel windows with extremely high levels of thermal insulation.

The inherent natural strength of stainless steel helps us to create steel windows and doors with extremely slim frames with a subsequent lower visual impact and increased size over other frame materials such as aluminium or timber.

All of the Secco window or door designs can be created from Stainless Steel.

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