Patinated Bronze

Creating Luxury Patinated Bronze Windows and Doors

Patinated Bronze

Creating Luxury Patinated Bronze Windows and Doors

Patinated Bronze is used to make luxury and bespoke windows and doors with high levels of aesthetic value to the architectural design.

For Secco profiles a specific alloy, OT67, is used which has a high percentage of copper (67%) which gives these patinated bronze frames a high level of resistance to corrosion. The remaining percentage of the alloy is mostly Zinc (33%) which gives these patinated bronze windows their high levels of mechanical strength, allowing us to create luxury patinated bronze windows with slim framing profiles and large opening sizes.

Once the architectural bronze sections of Secco windows and doors have been cold rolled the Secco two part thermal break is added to create a thermally broken architectural bronze frame for use on luxury and high end architectural projects.

The architectural bronze frames from Secco are patinated via an acid treatment to speed up the natural oxidisation process and give this modern architectural bronze material an antique appearance. This is not just a colouring process but a natural chemical protection process that doesn’t affect the characteristics of the steel frame but increases its resistance to corrosion.

The resulting patinated bronze doors and windows can display a variety of warm and elegant colour shades to suit restoration projects as well as luxury architectural designs.

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