Maintenance of Specialist Metalwork

To achieve the art deco, industrial style windows IQ Metal fabricate and supply bespoke steel windows and doors from the luxury Secco range.

To achieve such an elegant and bespoke design, numerous materials can be used. Below outlines the different treatments available to care for your steel frames.

The patented finish applied to brass or bronze must be routinely maintained to retain the desired appearance. The darkening or black spotting on the brass or bronze surface is simply the oxidation taking place. If left untreated brass and bronze will eventually turn entirely, but unevenly, dark. This dark oxidized state is the natural colour of all copper alloys.

Frequency of the treatment of brass and bronze finishes depends on use and abuse, location, weather conditions, or exposure to marine air. Wax or lacquered coatings provide only temporarily reprieve from the eventual oxidation that will occur on any brass or bronze finish.

Lacquer finishes are susceptible to scratching and abrasion. Once the surface of the lacquer has been damaged, oxidisation will take place. Oxidisation of the brass or bronze will appear as black spots. Scratches in the lacquer coating cannot just be covered up or sprayed over. Repair requires the stripping of the lacquer from the entire part using solvents and then the lacquer must be re-applied.

Metals subject to heavy traffic should be oiled or waxed at fortnightly intervals. Where traffic is moderate to light, monthly treatment may suffice. In non-traffic areas, quarterly or biannual applications are feasible. The frequency of waxing will decrease over time as layers of oil build up to create a protective surface. Considering a typical building entrance, door handles, push plates or bars, and kick plates, would normally be exposed to heavy traffic. The doorframe and adjacent window wall framing usually receive less handling and would be considered a moderate to light traffic area.

The Secco systems can be engineered with steel reinforcements to withstand higher wind loads or to provide more stability to tall doors.

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